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Every postie worth his or her or its weight in Foucault volumes will tell you that mental illness did not always exist: it’s just a convenient label that our rational and modern age, accustomed to scientists measuring and classifying things, employs to describe deviant behaviors. Every psychiatrist will likewise tell you that mental illness has […]

Darwin’s Long Shadow

Part essay, part prose, part love letter.

Gettin’ Žižžy Wit It

There are many keen insights in this, but Žižek lumps so many things under the heading of “green capitalism” that the label becomes meaningless and does so in service of rather nihilistic conclusions. Žižek never clearly defines what “green capitalism” is but rather lets it stand in for a variety of things he dislikes: environmentalism, […]

Anarchism and Negative Utilitarianism: A Possible Synthesis?

Anarcho-abolitionism? A great deal of time was spent pondering how to begin this essay. Given the scope of the concepts at hand, there did not seem to be any way to properly introduce my ideas to the reader. So I decided to begin with the hackneyed postmodern device known as self-reference, thus absolving myself of […]

The Ethics of SimCity and the Assumption of Central Planning: A Left-libertarian Perspective

Since I was a wee tot with Jurassic Park velcro shoes and a bowl haircut I’ve played SimCity in one incarnation or another.  I don’t mean that I’ve played it consistently for that long, but the concept of SimCity is burned into my motor memory right between potty training and coloring inside the lines (which […]