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The Last Castille

For a film about one of the most ideologically charged conflicts of the 20th century, The Spanish Earth is curiously devoid of overt ideological messages. A war neutered of ideological content will be especially disorienting for American audiences. Every one of our conflicts has been a crusade for justice and liberty; every one of our […]

The Kwan-li-so Archipelago: N. C. Heikin’s “Kimjongilia” Reviewed

The hermetically sealed theocracy-meets-Stalinist dictatorship of North Korea does not allow foreign reporters or filmmakers onto their territory. The state’s quasi-racist ideology shuns them – they might taint Korean purity. So, aside from the Chinese and Russian workers who necessarily do cross-border business, or the odd tourist from harmless countries like Switzerland, there are not […]

Transformers 2 Made Me a Nihilist (REPOST)

By popular demand I am reposting my original review/rant on Transformers 2, one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  This piece was originally published on my other blog, which is dead now, so technically it sort of qualifies as new material.  Right?  Sure, anyway, this was originally written July 2, 2009 immediately after […]