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Video Brinquedo

Video Brinquedo (also known as “Toyland Video”) is a wildcat Brazililan film studio that makes atrociously low budget rip-offs of Pixar and Dreamworks movies. At least, I think it’s Brazilian. The credits (no one bothered to translate them, of course) are in Portuguese, and some of the films are set in Rio de Janeiro. Yet the animation would have appeared dated in 1991. Brazil can do better than this. Hell, any country in the Portuguese-speaking world could do better than this.

There is a surreal quality to the dialogue in Video Brinquedo films that lends an air of unintentional hilarity, and occasionally, profundity. Take Ratatoing, Video Brinquedo’s companion to Pixar’s Ratatouille. The film begins with a scene in which various families of poorly-animated mice sit in a restaurant, argue over what to order, and ask miscellaneous questions of the wait-staff. There are no jokes. The scene is ten minutes long. Is this actually a brilliant indictment of our banal, suburban lives? No, probably not. More likely, it’s a borderline-incoherent rip-off that exists to be mistakenly bought by parents or grandparents who are too over the hill to understand that their kid wanted Ratatouille, not Ratatoing. Borderline-incoherence affords a lot more interpretive possibilities than your average Hollywood film, though.

Since the films are hosted on youtube, they are broken into 5 or 6 parts. That’s really too bad, since you should see these masterpieces in their full uncut glory. If you have 50 spare minutes, a surplus of braincells and a willingness to kill some of them, then sit back, relax and enjoy.

The Little Bee
The Little Panda Fighter
Little and Big Monsters
Tiny Robots